Is it just me?

Is it just me or is RIstar always rihgt and everyone else is wrong if they dont agree?If dick mills doesnt preach it it doesnt work?You have to be as fast as possible to the plate to throw hard? it seems like unlees he likes it is wrong IMO :idea: :idea:

Hmm, it must be you because if you think RIStar is wrong, and he is always right, you must be crazy.

thought so

oh lord… are you looking for a fight, Strosfan? :wink: :roll:

If he was looking for a fight he would insult dick mills and tell everyone to lift weights and hit the balance point.

no just seeing if i was alone in that thought

i would get shot if i said that shane :shock:

RIStar is just eccentric. When he was on his anti-strength training kick, he actually did some badmouthing of TUFF CUFF. Now that he has bought the program, he makes sure to tell everyone to buy it.

The problem is that you cannot hear others when your mouth is constantly in motion. :roll:

RIstar is a kid that can’t make up his mind. First he was obsessed with Dick Mills and his teachings. Then he came up with this theory of “tall and drive” which didn’t make a lot of sense. Then came along another mechanics theory. THEN, finally the best of all, he says pitching is all mental and it totally fixed his mechanics. As for training, he has supposedly 3 workouts, but can’t decide which one to use when the obvious choice would be Tuff Cuff. Don’t bash him guys, he’s just young and needs to grow up a little bit.

Yeah, i try not to bash him, more like sarcastic jabs, but it is trying when there’s a weekly thread (argument) about his new mechanics.

1st of all on the mechanics part of this topic DM agress with me alot and thats saying alot. My idea’s on mechanics are very normal and I DO NOT THINK DICK MILLS IS RIGHT. He has good poiints but No pro scout will take a momentum pitcher.

I have 2 workouts which I use as one so I can get the best out of them. They are very similier.

Mental part of the game is important and you need the right mind set to get far and have good velocity. If you don’t tell the body what to do then how can you throw hard. If you don’t have confidence that you can blow it by them and throw hard you will not throw hard.


Saying that the mental game is more important then the physical game. If you don’t have the mind set as a young player you will never be good. Look at all the Minor league pitchers that never become MLB players because they are mentally weak and the ones that are mentally strong do become MLB pitchers.

Tall and Drive Pitching is the same thing all pros do. But they put it in there own style. You can build it around your self it’s general mechanics that everyone should have. Tanner does tall and drive mechanics and doesn’t even notcie it lol.

TALL AND DRIVE MECHANICS is something pros do that they don’t even know they do. It’s good mechanics that’s all tall and drive pitching is.

I think some people only listen to some of the things I have to say about mechanics. Most of the time DM agree’s with me and most of you do. I don’t make up what I tell people about mechanics I just watch the good pros and study how they did it.

Most pitchers that throw hard move fast.

Nolan Ryan
Justin Verlander
Pedro Martinez {back in the day}
Roy Oswalt
Tim lincecum
Tim hudson
and there are many more just can’t think of them

Face it unless you are 6-5 and can’t move fast they all do it. Tanner does it look at a video of him pitching he MOVES FAST WHILE IN CONTROL and he throws 90+.

Next time listen to what I have to say I’m not worng 100% of the time.

No one said you are always wrong, just that you think your always right and if anyone thinks otherwise they’re wrong.

Well some people not saying who allways think I’m wrong. And i challenge anyone to tell me on my last post where I am worng in my view so I can further explain my self.

Stop fighting children.I mean seiously,if you dont like what RIstar has to say,dont read his topics.Just let him do what he wants hes just trying to give people what he thinks good advice.If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. :smiley:

I’ll have to put on my administrator hat and chime in here. RIstar has every right to express his views on this board, as long as they’re respectful and on-topic. Everyone else has the right to read or ignore them and also to respond, again as long as they’re respectful and on-topic. Recently, on another board, a poster was driven away by aggressive attacks from other posters. I’m pretty sure that Roger, jdfromfla and Steven would agree with me that we do NOT want this board to drift in that direction. So, please keep things respectful in your responses or do not respond. I will step in and ask offending posters to refrain from posting in ways that are contrary to the health of this board.

The beauty of this board has been that people have been respectful while they disagree. This results in people feeling safe to post. Let’s keep it that way.

Having said that, RIstar, your posts have been such that you have the answers and nobody else does. While you may or may not be right, people can very often find that threatening or even insulting. My suggestion is that you continue to post but present things for discussion, borne out of your “opinions”, rather than as “absolutes”, of which there really aren’t any. Your posts are great discussion starters. Let’s present them that way, though. You may not get the strong responses you’ve been getting.

Everyone else, if you don’t like what someone posts, move on to others or respectfully disagree and continue the conversation from that standpoint.