Is David Price worth $217 million?

The Red Sox dropped some serious coin on Price. Certainly he’s one of the top pitchers in the game. Think he’s worth $217 million?

As with most thing the market determines worth.
If I were a GM I would certainly pay pitchers well, I just wouldn’t sign a pitcher to a seven year deal…too many injuries and lost time for that.

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You are spot on " fearsomefour"!! I’d be happy to pay pitchers top salaries, but only 2 year deals with an option on 3rd year.

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It’s a 7 year deal for splash effect. He can opt out after 3 years. If he plays well he can probably get a better deal exercising his option. My only fear is that he has no incentive to perform knowing that if he flops he can still hang around and cash out on the back half of the deal.

The sad thing is that the Sox could have gotten Lester for 5 years and probably for under $125M. They could have signed Greinke for about the same money. Two pitchers for $250M would probably have been better for the long term.

It won’t be long until we see a ticket price hike to pay for Price.

Pitchers don’t like to sign 2 year deals due to the risk of injury and the difficulty signing a new contract if their playing time was limited. Teams need to stop throwing around these 6 and 7 year deals if they want to push the market back down to reality. Owners want to win too badly, they have no problem signing 5,6,7 year deals. Most deals never see the end anyway.