Is cut on four seam a bad thing?

My four seam fastball has always have some cut to it and have been told by coaches that it needs to be straight. Is having some slight cut a bad thing or is it possible to learn to control it? In games, I have been able to get plenty of ground outs and swings on it but at the cost of control of it at times because it breaks away from the point on the plate I want to hit. I am not sure if I should be very concerned or just learn to live with it and work to use it to my advantage. I have a pic below of the grip to see if there is any possible reason behind it. Thanks

Short answer, if it’s not your intent to be throwing a cutter than yes, it’s a bad thing. Couple reasons for cutting 4seam. 1: coming around the ball with your hand. 2: pointer finger pressure and not pronating through middle finger 3. Holding ball slightly turned in hand so seams slightly diagonal. 4 hooking your wrist. Not having wrist in line with forearm at release.

Im starting to think that it might me holding it just slightly offset of the four seam grip. Plus some combination of mechanical stuff may be why.

You might try to focus on staying more on top of the ball with your grip at the release point. Made a big difference for me.


We actually teach to throw the 4 seam cutter. why not? It only takes understanding of why a slightly forwards “axis presentation” works to create slight movement then all it takes to throw a Slider is a little more axis presentation and the best thing is they are both forearm pronated for health.

Coaches that do not understand these principles will always be stuck in their original thinking and never improve beyond that.

A relief pitcher for the NY Yankees had a similar problem…name is Mariano, wasn’t to big a problem for him after all

good point guess he ended up being a pretty good pitcher

I think alot has to do with a slight tilt in my wrist that I recently noticed when I get to relate point. Naturally my arm slot tends to cause me to get on the side of the ball. Its nice if I am trying to throw a nice breaking ball or when I try to pronate my change up. But probably is the cause of the slight cut on the fastball.

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should have asked this sooner, but what do the hitters you face tell you about your naturally cutting fastball? in other words is it effective?

During live at bats I usually just get that they think its coming down the pipe or is going to be missed arm side (I am a righty), but ends ups breaking in on them or cutting in for a strike. If they end up making contact its either a hard grounder or a weak single just over the head of the field. The only time it is hit hard if the cut on it goes right into the sweet spot on the bat and the hitter actually knowns how to turn on it. Most of hitters in my league still are growing as am I physically so they don’t have the power to really send it. But there are a few who do.

Keep the horseshoe of the ball pointing out, you’re holding it with horseshoe in. The horseshoe is the part of the seam that circles back around.

Been playing around with it for a while and have found success with my middle finger directly down the center of the horsehoe with a slight tilt in terms of the grip. So far in bullpens it has helped get rid of unnecessary cut. At this point it is really just working on staying behind it and pulling down on the seams with even force.