Is core training for baseball players beneficial?

This is a common topic and question that I receive pretty regularly from parents and players. Being that I don’t claim to be a strength training expert, I thought I would interview a guy that is, Dr. Josh Renkens. He does a great job answering some questions that most of us have regarding core training. Enjoy!

Just found your website a couple of days ago (after seeing one of your vids) and have to say I am impressed. Excellent content and this article is a good example. As a high school strength/football coach with a grad degree in exercise science I can say that Dr. Josh Renkins is spot on! Stability before mobility! Repeated spinal flexion (crunches, situps, etc.)in a training program is ineffective and will eventually lead to lower back problems. Get your players (or yourself) started on the right track by working on core stability with exercises like planks. When performing a plank…good coaching cues are no sagging of the hips, brace the core and fire the glutes!

Keep up the great work baeballthinktank!

Thanks for the kind words, you sound like you have a pretty good grasp on things yourself :slight_smile: