Is Biking good?

So I’m up in Philadelphia for a while and traveling around alot…So I don’t have my exercise equipment or access to a gym…I do have a bike…

My guess is that biking is just like running…its not good…but I just wanted to know for sure

biking is still steady state cardio for the most part, and it also the exacerbates postural deficiencies that most people already have from too much sitting.

there is no excuse for not being able to get a decent training session in even if you don’t have access to a gym. Invest in a couple jumpstretch bands, and you can train just about anywhere.

For example, the gym was closed on july 4th. Here’s what I did for my “ghetto” upper body workout:

a1)Tree Pullups, varying grips: 4x10-12
a2)Double Band Pushups: 4x6-8
b1)One Arm Standing Horizontal Row (Band): 3x8-10
b2)One Arm Standing Incline Press (Band): 3x8-10
c1)Elevated Isometric Pushup Holds 3x ~ 1 minute with feet raised and hands on basketballs for add ROM
c2) Band Pull-aparts: 3 x 8

you’ve got a vertical pull, vertical push, horizontal push and horizontal pull. Then you get a nice little finisher for the chest and back musculature.

If you have a weightvest, an adjustable heavy dumbbell and a medicine ball with you as well, this expands your exercise options exponentially.

+1 well said Lanky