Is a Screwball rare?


is throwing a Screwball rare for a righthander? I’m asking because i throw a screwball and i don’t anyone that throws one but me .


i started throwing it when I was 11 my dad was showing me a curve and a screwball , of course, i got them mixed up. it wasn’t until I was 13 when i figured it out, I’m 15 now and it has been my main breaking ball


My son throw one but uses as his changeup.


is he a righty




my screwball usually lands on the right side of the strike zone is that where it is supposed to go for a RHP


You throw it but don’t know where it’s supposed to go??? One of the 14???

There are screwballs everywhere…just look around.


i would expect it to hit the bottom right corner of the strike zone not the top, just curious


Fairly rare but not completely unused.


Great read