Is 3 fingers ok on the ball for 10 year olds

My 10 year old uses 3 fingers on the ball. Is 3 fingers ok on the ball for 10 year olds … or is it time to move to 2 fingers. He is an averaged sized 10 year old… He has great control right now… and throws upper 40’s… would it make a difference to control/speed… or just change when he’s ready.


why wouldn’t it be? If he has small hands, having an extra finger may help him maintain good control.

There are two-finger and three-finger grips for various pitches—and I used both, especially for someting like my knuckle-curve, because I found that altering the grip affected the way that pitch broke. The extra finger slowed the ball down, and I got a nice changeup out of it. So, by all means, let the kid use what’s comfortable for him, and if he can get better control with the three-finger grip, let him.

I struggled with this issue last season (2010) when my son was 8. He was throwing with 3 fingers but, for some reason, started lifting his index finger when he threw - thus basically throwing with his middle and ring finger. I couldn’t get him to stop lifting the index finger, and so I switched him to the correct 2 fingers: middle and index :lol:. His control was not affected much, but his velocity noticeably increased.

Your son will see an increase in velocity when he goes from 3 to 2 fingers.

The one thing I did do when I made the change from 3 to 2 fingers was have my son long toss with his new 2 finger grip. That got him comfortable with the new grip quickly. You may wish to do this when your son goes to 2 fingers.

thanks … I appreciate all the input.