Is 22yrs old considered late?

So I just turned 22yrs old and Ive been really wanting to play baseball. I never realized how much I would grow to love the sport seeing as how I wasn’t too interested when I was younger. But lately I’ve been regretting not trying out in high school and seeing how far I could go, I’m in good athletic shape. The only sports I’ve ever played is volleyball and soccer. The position I would be aiming for is pitcher since I have a pretty good arm. Should I even try now That I’m in college? Or am I too late and am just dreaming big

Are you trying to play for enjoyment or do you want to play at high competitive level? There are a bunch of leagues that allow adults to play that are pretty new at it, that may be a good place to start to see how it goes?

I’d like to play competitively if possible. And thanks I’ll look into some that are close in my area