Irresponsible HS coach

My son is a LHP, throws around 80 mph and is a very crafty lefty with a good 2 seam/cu combo. He’s been told he has great mechanics from local college coaches and at combines. He’s a junior and playing in his 3rd year on varsity. His HS coach does not keep pitch count nor has any regard for pitcher arm health. Never warms up relief, has starters throw complete games then catcher the next day etc… I’ve tried talking to him, the athletic director, no help. I’m the helicopter dad that likes to complain and be a know it all now. So yesterday he throws 6 innings, 3 of which are elongated due to errors so he’s probably well over 100 pitches when he gets relief and the coach puts him in center. Next play is a base hit to center, my son throws it in and feels a pop in his shoulder and elbow. I’m furious and make a bit of a scene but just can’t control it anymore. In this day and age of information it is abhorrent to me to be so cavalier. I coach in college so I have our trainer look at him and she thinks it’s minor tendinitis in bicep and slight strain in tricep. No damage suspected and prescribes Rest, ice. No swelling or redness. My question is where do I go? I’m at a loss. This coach has been reprimanded but they won’t move on from him and it seems the more I complain the more he takes it out on my kid. He wants to play for his school but I’m really thinking long term he’d be better off walking away from this situation. Has anyone here dealt with this or have any suggestions?

The coaches at my kids HS were generally terrible coaches/people, but, nothing like that. Although, just this last weekend I saw a kid get pulled from the outfield and straight onto the mound during HS game…here is your 8 warm up pitches.
All the coaches I have dealt with have tracked pitch counts…not that tough, especially in a 7 inning game. One coach did get canned after he had a kid crawl around with a stack of bricks on his back during practice as punishment for errors. The kid ended up with some sort of injury (dont know if he was really injured or not) and it was the last straw for that coach.
Tough spot. What year is your son? If he is a sophomore and has to deal with this guy for two more years that is tough. Does he want to play after high school?
If he has long term goals skipping HS ball may be the way to go if you are genuinely concerned for his health.

He’s a junior. I coach community college and he’ll probably play there if no money offers.
I can’t believe that with all the information available coaches still do that and there’s no repercussions. Doesn’t pass the reasonable person test in my mind.

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Major League Baseball says your son’s coach is a moron:

Well who will the coach have to listen to about pitch counts and stuff like that, if now you? A doctor, see if you can get a note from your doctor or a related specialist that you have working with for a while (preferably a doctor so it doesn’t look like your interfering as much.) The coach has to try to listen, he may not like it but your son sounds pretty decent so he has to do something one way or another.

My suggestion is - and you may not like this - is to have your son stand up to the coach. Have him run down all of the negatives that you have mentioned above (catching after pitching, not warming up). The outcome may be that he doesn’t play as much but if his arm is intact when he leaves school, he will at least have an arm in College. I help coach a Community College team - one that Patrick Corbin was scouted out of and he didn’t start playing until late in his teens. High School is not the end all be all for scholarships. Don’t let a moron (see south_paw’s posting) ruin what could be a decent pitching career after High School. Just my two cents.

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It is sad but boosters have influence with ADs in HS sports. I hate playing politics. The macho notion that he is “old school” and that’s good is crap. Lots of old school ideals like work hard, commitment to your team, respect the game, I love but this behavior is garbage.

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Like you said…you mentioned you are the helicopter dad. That is possibly exactly what he is doing…taking it out on him. You need to set up a confrence through the principle. No coach wants to hear criticism from parents through the fence.
Set up a confrence or Pull him…put him on a select team. That would get coaches attention.

I know old post ut this is typical in a lot of HS. So felt the need to reply.