Irishpitcher28's pitching log

k well here’s my story…

name: sean martinez
height: 6"
four seam fastball: 84-86
change up: ???

today my team(the east l.a. dodgers) had a game at brookside park in pasadena against the red birds.
my throwing was actually good and i had great command while warming up. i started out in left field and then moved over to right field in the 7th.
my coach wanted to know if i could throw an inning. ive never thrown an inning in my life!! im new to baseball ( 3 months and 7 days to be exact) so i told him yes i could throw. when i was warming up i had great control of my fastball and was throwing low 80s to warm up. it felt really good because usually im wild!! :shock: alot of people say its my release point, they say i release to high or too low. ok so then after getting loose i start to throw my game speed pitches and my arm felt great! well im ready to go in and the other team says they dont wanna play anymore because of the time. i was like :shock: are you serious! i wanted to pitch today so bad because of my command and velocity. ehh next weekend i guess…

Only 3 months playing baseball and ur throwing in the low 80s, thats pretty impressive

yea alotta people get excited when i tell them ive only been playing for 3 months. i think its in my genes though. my dad was a GREAT pitcher, he played minor league and then played with the texas rangers.

today i worked out with my dad at cal state la

threw 80 pitch bullpen at 80-90%
-had excellent control and great velocity
-arm felt great
-no fatigue

hit 3 buckets of balls.

  • hit the 350 wall two times
    -hit the ball solid consistent

sprinted 60 yards 10 times

ran the cal state la bleachers{55 stairs} 5 times at full speed
bunny hopped the cal state la bleachers{55 stairs} 3 times

then to finish it i did my usual medicine ball workout

all in all this was one of my best practices in a while i enjoyed it alot

todays work out was pretty simple. i did medicine ball workouts and then worked out my legs, im about to do my jobes and then stretch.

hurt my wrist the other day so havent been posting much

fell asleep early yesterday so i didnt post.

well my wrist was feeling better so i threw light catch just working on command and rotation of the ball and then progressed to a
light long toss( about 100 ft). after that i did some out fielders drills and only dropped a couple that were way outta reach (thanx dad) and then to finish up the outside work i sprinted 60 yards 8 times full speed while some neighbors dog chased me! lol it was really fun because the dog pushed me to run faster and beat him. after sprinting i put on my weighted vest and did some explosion drills and then headed to the weight room.

me and my dad walked to our gym and he made me warm up by putting a big ball behind my back and press it against the wall and then lift up a medicine ball above my head while i squat down( i did that 10 times twice.)
after that we moved on to this lift that he was taught when he played in the minor leagues, u stand on at the end of a bench with one leg and you dip your body to go down and almost touch the floor with 10lb weights in your hand and then you switch legs. i really recomend this drill if you want to get bigger and stronger legs. i did that 10 times on 1 leg once. after that we went on over to the leg curls. i warmed up with 130 lbs 15 times and then did 300 lbs 10 times. after that we did squats, i did 220lbs 10 times for 3 sets. then to finish off my legs i did calf raises with 130 lbs 65 times as a burn out. then we did some curls 15lbs really slow going up and really slow going down. we did 3 sets of that 15 times. then he had me lay down on a bench and he gave me 45 lb weights in each hand and made me bench them 12 times, after te 45 lb weights i did 55lbs 10 times. after that we did lat pulldowns 2 sets of 10. i started off with 100lbs and then finished with 130lbs. and to finish off the gym work we did our core with the medicine ball such as explosions sit ups and etc.

all in all it was a good day, i threw good, i lifted good, the dodgers and usc won, and my dads actally starting to become proud of me and thats what really matters to me.

threw a 60 pitch bullpen today at don lugo h.s. and hit off the tee and some soft toss

i really didnt feel comfortable at all today, it was hot and sticky and i felt soar from the day before. my bullpen was ok. i would give it a 6 out of 10 because i was throwing 83 85 but my mechanics seemed a little different and i knew i was opening up which meant the ball was missing my spots. out of those 60 pitches i threw 32 strikes 25 balls and 2 wild pitches. i can feel that im starting to get the hang of pitching and i cant wait till i can master the basics.

my hitting was good yet bad. i hit the 330 4 times off the tee and some good shot nearby. i still dip my hands though it makes me get under the ball. i need to fix this asap! the long toss was great though! i was hitting fence the whole bucket practically.

to finish off my workout my dad made me run poles. i jogged half way and then sprinted without stopping 6 times. we kinda rushed me though because he had to take my sister to see the stupid jonas brothers concert so i didnt do any medicine ball workout or explosion drills.

im about to do my jobes and then eat a snack and then go to bed. i hope this week goes good with my training because i plan on pitching my first game this weekend. i want to be the best and make my dad proud of me :!:

today i worked out at cal state la threw a bullpen and took bp

i have to say i really enjoyed this bullpen because i was throwing 84 86 with ok location and a good touch on the ball. my dad taught me the change up today and i think ive master it! i feel so comfortable with this pitch and my dad says its gonna be my go to pitch. i’ll post some pics on how i grip my throws later. my change up was soooo beautifull!!! :smiley: :smiley: it came fast like my fastball and then just died!! i felt so cool lol! my dad says i was throwing d-1 change ups. that means alot to me because my dad doesnt bs it about baseball when he tells you something he means it.

my hitting was pretty good. i still get under the ball a little bit but not as bad as i was in the past so that shows signs of improvements. i hit fence 4 times off the tee which is 360 and then i hit 340 alot during bp. o yea i use an x bat 33inch woodbat. its 5 years old so its kinda dulling but i dont care as long as i have something to practice with lol.

after that i ran 6 70 yard sprints with my nike sparq parachute. I LOVE THAT THING! its loads of fun man! after that i moved onto this gigantic hill that was about 200 and something yards iunno. i ran that 6 times at full speed and beat my dad all 6 times!( he beats me at everything) he says when he has surgery on his torn acl he’ll beat me but i doubt it. after running the hill we did medicine ball work and explosion drills and headed out to get dinner.

for dinner i had a 24oz porterhouse…god bless that thing was delicious!

im about to do my jobes and some tubing and then shower and off to bed for me!

all in all it was a good baseball day for me, im really excited about my changeup because i threw 25 of them for strikes and i only threw 28! im just really grateful to have my dad know som much about baseball and that he’s helping me become a great pitcher. im starting to look up to him for the first time in my life.

took the day off today to throw the rugby ball around with some friends. gonna go do my jobes and tubing and thats about it

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
man…i had a bad practice today.
i practiced at cal state la today
i threw a 35 pitch bullpen and only threw 11 strikes.
i was wild and my velocity was way down(81-82)
i dunno wut happened…maybe i was just trying to hard.
i know my mechanics were way off for sure!
i felt like i let myself down.

then hitting wise was just as bad. i dont even wanna type about how that went…

on the plus side the head coach gave me some papers about the ncaa d-2 regulations and banned drugs list, so that shows that he’s interested. i dunno though because hawaii pacific wants me to sign a letter of intent asap but i rather stay near home… iunno

sorry i had a bad day dad i’ll make it up to u

hit in the batting cages today because my arm felt kinda dead from playing long toss with my friend at skool yesterday

well im getting ready for my game today with the east l.a. dodgers, i hope i do well and throw the ball good and get some hits. this might be the game where i pitch my first time in a game. wish me luck

took the day off today because im sore as hell from bustin my butt off yesterday. all im gonna say about my game is that i didnt do good and didnt pitch. i need to get my head straight

today after skool i did
-medicine ball workouts
-upper body (very light weight)
-legs (squats lunges etc.)

im still tender from sundays workout. i wish i could get the basics of baseball…i wanna just be able to throw a ball to anyone and get it to there glove without worrying where the balls gonna go. i wanna hit the ball solid too…just gotta keep on truckin’ i guess!!!

played catch and then long tossed it and then threw a 20 pitch bullpen today with my friends. i was having fun for the first time in a loooong time. After that i went to the dodger game with my dad because rightfielder/centerfielder Drew Macias got us tickets. my dad trained him and got him good enough to go pro! so hopefully i can be blessed like Drew was. i got to talk to him before BP and enjoyed every second of it.
im gonna work my butt off so i can get there. i kno i have it! now i have to show it!

today at practiced at whittier narrows park
threw a 50 pitch bullpen
-good speed and movement on my fb (83-85)
-threw alot of strikes
-pitched good on a really REALLY bad mound
-change up was looking good…real good
-messed around with a spiltter for 6 pitches and it looked good(not like my dads but hey still good stuff)
-opened up a couple of times
-didnt get that much momentum in my wind up (is this good or bad? iunno)
-long tossed after and did have as much velocity

after my bullpen i hit 1 bucket off the tee and it looked solid. i messed up a couple of times but i know im gonna get it.

hit 5 buckets for bp, my swing felt great and im really getting a feel for hitting now. the farthest i hit was probably 260 maybe iunno im just guessing

to finish it up i did my sprints and got cut short because i got really painful growing pains :x rite now im a lil bit over 6’ so i hope by the time season starts im 6’1 or 6’2.

all in all it was a good workout and im satisfied with today

yesterday- played catch and looked absoultely horrible! i couldnt hit the glove at all from 70ft and back. i unno what was going on. i went on the mound to see if i could catch myself doing anything wrong but when i started pitching and threw a 15 pitch bull pen. all 15 pitches were strikes and fast (84-85). i think its because when i was playing catch i was just to relaxed and lazy.

today- just practiced swinging the bat for tommorows game. im tired of striking out! it sucks and i always look stupid. im like 0 for 30(im exagerating…or am i?) i altered my swing though and it feels really fluid and i like it. i jogged a mile after that too.

well tommorow i have a game and i hope i can hit the ball at least once! i feel like crap when i strike out because its embarassing to do it all the time…=*(. On the other hand i think im gonna pitch in my first game tommorow!!! im looking forward to it because im gonna be playing guys in college and guys who are in the minor leagues. it"ll be fun too see where im at.i hope i do good tommorow because i cant anymore negative games its really destroying my confidence.

Go kick some ass!

thanks mcovey! i appreciate that lol
practiced at cal state la
well i didnt pitch yesterday because i was having mental problems. i did alright in the game though! next week im pitching! i cant wait anymore i need too see where im at!

today played long toss…it was AWESOME
we were throwing from one side of the soccer field to the other! i was very happy with myself because i was getting it to the glove. my dad helped me fix a really big mechanical problem too. my left food would open up and then my ball would be wild, so now i just try to keep it closed. after throwing my long toss i felt great and pitched a 25 pitch
bullpen. it went good velocity was way up today thanx to the long toss (84-86) and my change up was beautifull again! all strikes too!! wooo
i wish i could be like this all the time, its so much fun when i throw the ball right.

for conditioning my dad made me wear the 2o lb. vest and jump up a set of 5 stairs 4 sets of 10
after that we did medicine ball work and explosions and then finished with 90 yard sprints 4 times back and forth.

all in all i loved today and wish it could be like this all the time :smiley: