iPhone Question

I’d like answers from people who either have the phone or who have played around with the phone or talked to reps about the phone.

Please none of those answers like ‘well my buddy, has a buddy whoose sister has one and she really likes it’

When I go down to the States in January, I’m thinking about getting a plan down there (so much cheaper then paying roaming and long distance charges for 8 months of the year) and I’m thinking about picking up the iPhone (in Canada it isn’t availalbe yet). So I was wondering what people are saying about it good and bad.


I work for AT&T does that qualify?
I always suggest as a rule of thumb that all technology gets “de-bugged” prior to anyone I know purchasing, that said…You have waited long enough for that and the price to drop (These two things always happen…glitches fixed and sftwr upgrade…I’ve been in the wireless industry since 1986…it never fails), I think it has already been revised to get the initial glitches fixed and software up-graded. The most crucial thing I think is application…are you going to be able to afford the media package and get out of it what you need? Moblie T.V. is cool and all but it isn’t cheap, and you have to purchase memory by the chunk so as multi-versed as it is…if you aren’t utlizing all the features you have a pretty, expensive, phone. I have the Blackberry 8800 and it is outstanding for e-mail and very light browsing…but sux for a phone…so I also have a Platinum Razor (No I’m not a geek with too much cash, I’m an engineer who maintains the towers and system in the Jacksonville Florida market…a part of my job so to speak). Now if you are going to get an i-Phone…also get a Bluetooth ear-piece because it isn’t comfortable up to your ear…you can have speaker phone but that isn’t very private in public. The biggest other thing is remember all that screen means as they say in “A Christmas Story” Frrrraaagggillleee…and no it isn’t made in Italy :lol:
If it’s going to get all jumbled around, get insurance or get something like my Motorola…
One thing I am very comfortable with is using my laptop with a high-speed card…it’s a 60 gig so I also keep my unbelievably extensive music collection (Only 15 gig worth now…I lost my last library on a hard drive crash but have since remedied that with a half terra external drive…so I’m still building) in there and it’s on the air all of the time…one of the reasons I can participate on this site during most of the day…with a headset I can also use it as a phone.
I hope that this helps in some way…also if you are going to a store…ask for the sales person who is most well versed with the product…or you will be dissappointed.

Does it ever! Thanks!

I was wondering about how fragile it was. I always take my phone to the yard with me, it sits in my bag.

Are there cases that you can buy for it for some added protection?

The mobile T.V. doesn’t interest me, the ability to use the web (probably wouldn’t use that much), the iTunes and it’s ability as a phone does.

Basically I’m trying to cut down on the amount of stuff I have in the pockets. An iPod, Cell and Keys, change and whatever else is in there gets a little crowded, so I thought the iPhone would be good to compress what I carry.

I might have some questions for you about At&T, I’ll PM those to you if I do though.

Thanks again for the help!

I have a SLVR L7 and a 30GB iPod and I’m happy with that. I’d wait until the technology gets way better before buying an iPhone.

My phone has withstood numerous drops and crashes and still lives 8)

“Are there cases that you can buy for it for some added protection?”

Of course…we make a bundle on accessories :smiley:
And always remember kids…hit the send button, my son has an education we have to upchuck the bucks over…and just go ahead and im that friend…perhaps an on-line purchase? Momma needs new shoes… :lol:

Spencer…my son has the original Rokr. and believe me he is a cell phones worse nightmare…“so water isn’t good for a phone?”


Too funny JD!

I’m liking the LG Shine too, stainless steel- great for dropping, but the same problem that large screen very fragile.

Spencer…my son has the original Rokr. and believe me he is a cell phones worse nightmare…“so water isn’t good for a phone?”[/quote]

Funny story, I went swimming with my last phone in my pocket last year. Needless to say, it stopped working. The pebble held me over until I got my new phone a few months ago.

my cousin says the screens scratch real easy but other then that its a real goo phone. They don’t sell then in canada yet? weird

Nope, they don’t sell in Canada yet because Bell and Rogers are fighting over the contract or something like that with Mac/Apple. I was told to expect them up here sometime in 2008.

oh ok