Iphone app for pitching, its free today!

This morning I found this app called Ubersense on the app store. This app allows you record a video. Slow down the video to really low speeds, and analyze your pitching mechanics. You can draw lines, and record youself talk while you watch it. Its a convenient app for pitching analysis at the spot. I havent fully tried it yet, but it looks great. Its free today and I think the full price is like 2.99. So download it and tell me what you think about it.

Thanks for the info man, I was wondering if something like that was available for iPhone. I’ll give it a try.

Yeah I have always wanted something like this too. I can’t wait to try this out for myself later.

Interesting idea, be sure to give us some review’s on it.

I can’t seem to find the app…is the name Ubersense?

Thanks, I’ll check it out.