Inverted W

I just noticed when i throw I go to inverted w then throw similar to billy wagner. Is inverted w a good or bad thing

the inverted w is incredibly bad! stop now!

Chris O’Leary says it is. It must be true.

we need to see a vid Kaz…sorry I have to keep repeating this to you, but you’re really wasting your time if we can’t see your mechanics on video.

Its quite ok. Trust me i’m trying as hard as I can.

This is how i look the red line is how my arm looks the thin black line is the path my arm follows. Doesn’t look that good but i hate paint


As helpful as paint can be, you might wanna consider a camera. A video camera.

P.S - That hat looks a little tight…

P.S. those shoes look a little big too

How many calories are you taking in a day dude? Id say you might want to up it from 100 to atleast 150. lol

nope i got big feet size 13

Stride length looks a little short. I think you’re rushing a bit too.

OMG its just a picture calm down :lol:

OMG its just a picture calm down :lol: