Inverted W

Is the inverted W really that awful? I believe I do this:[/img]

Correct Link to picture

Hmmm link not working I see… Oh well… sorry.

This is just pure guess with some educated knowledge . An inverted W is bad because it puts significant stretch on the arm and shoulders before muscle contraction for the throw. Some coaches talk about separating ball-glove with thumb down, which will give you the invert W. (You get less shoulder internal rotation in a horizontal W than an inverted W). Inverted W will proved extra arm power because you put your shoulder at full internal rotation and shortened the internal rotation rubber band (muscles and tendons) then you quickly externally rotated the shoulder on a short rubber band and fire.

A short vs long rubber band stretched the same distance will yield greater force from the short one. But more ware and tear. If your not throwing at 100% maybe it’s ok.

Again this is only guess work

I have looked over that article… Interesting. Thanks. I just have no pain in my elbow, or shoulder even though I do the W… I know Im young but I never get sore there… hmmm

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my way of seeing it, is you go with whatever you have that makes you throw hard and accurate and then hope you can reach as far as you can with it. its at least 75% luck if you do reach the higher levels so might as well just go at it with what you got especially if it doesnt hurt you. a lot of guyys went as far as hall of fame with inverted w mechanics and others couldnt get throught high school… looks to me like any other type of mechanics.