Inverted W vs. Horizontal W

I am 13 and my dad researches baseball alot and is trying to get me to pinch my shoulder blades together when i pitch and make the horizontal w. Should i be worrying about that at my age now or later on. Also, should i be running the risk of messin up and doing the invered w.

At 13 your mechanics are important, but the most important thing is how your comfortable pitching. If you just cant get that horizontal W, its alrite. As long as your still pitching comfortably and effectively.

yes and as long as you have no pain or discomfort

Inverted W…horizontal W…standing on your head W…it doesn’t make any difference. The important thing is to be comfortable with your delivery, whatever it is, and not to pay much attention to these minutiae. And none of these things mean anything if you’re a sidearm pitcher, as I was in my playing days. The whole point is to throw strikes and get the batters out! 8)

Amen Zita