Inverted W and Inverted L

I completly understand what the inverted L and inverted W are. I know why the inverted W is bad for you but what is wrong with the inverted L.

The theories are that the Inverted W and Inverted L simply mess up the timing of the pitcher so that by the time they plant their glove-arm side foot, there arm is not up at a 90 degree angle. This can increase the distance, and thus the force, with which the PAS upper arm externally rotates and increase the stress on both the elbow and the shoulder. While there are technical differences between the two, the actual arm actions aren’t bad, just the timing problems they can create. This is why certain pitchers who have these arm actions who have good timing are exceptions.

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The key word in this discussion is “theories”. :wink:

What are the inverted w and L i kinda dont understand it?

Do a search for Coach XJ on this forum, his last post here talks about what he meant when he invented the terms (His real name is Paul Nyman). That would be getting it from the horses mouth and clear up ton of confusion.

Assuming you want to truly know what the inverted L and inverted W are, then follow what jdfromfla said.

Assuming you want to know why Chris O’ Leary thinks they can be problematic, then the first post pretty much said everything you want to know.

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But seriously, Mets will CHOKE! :twisted:[/quote]


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