Inverted L

My son is a 10 year old select baseball player and recently while videotaping him pitching I realized he has the inverted “L” issue. I am trying to fix this issue through drills that I am sort of making up on my own but none of them are working yet. I have scoured the internet trying to find specific fixes for this issue but have not come up with any. Are you aware of a fix or drills for this issue?


Post some video of him on here and you’ll get better results.

I agree with Wales, having a particular aspect may or may not be a problem. Before you go tinkering where perhaps you don’t understand…relax.
Is he manifesting poor mechanics in other more meaningful ways? For example does he “snap” his head around or is his hand not behind the ball or is he not equal and opposite at footstrike? These are way-points that would point to fundemental throwing issues.
The problem with the folks who decry such things (Inverted or up-side-down whatever)…never offer ways to “correct” this supposed fault. For you as a parent it is important to know how to fundementally throw a ball, once the simple timing aspects of that are found out, the kids body generally dictate how his body will efficiently deliver to the target…from there you build. Manifesting this aspect by your eye, isn’t, in and of itself an issue and those who are against it can do no more than offer some coincidental corrallary (If you think about it all of the folks they point to…are in the bigs and have had great success)…focus on your son, his fundementals and he will be in the best position to find out whether or not this is his cup-o-tea.
Get us the vid, understand that many times a “fault” in a delivery can be corrected way upstream of the event.