I turned 15 on Tuesday, I’m a sophomore at my high school, and I usually pitch with our Varsity pitchers in the bullpen and stuff. I’m not sure if Im on JV or Varsity yet. I’m 6’0 200 lbs my 2 seam is about 83 mph, I dont have velocity for any of my other pitches but I have a hard breaking slider kinda like Fransisco Rodriguez’s and a good changeup. I bench 190 and deadlift 320 (dont squat). I usually do some other pitcher lifts like luinges, calf raises, flys, tricep extensions and shoulder press. After what I’ve read today I think I’ll add seated rows, hammer curls, clean and jerk, and throws with a football to my workout.
So if you guys have any ideas about what I should add or change to my work out, hit me up.