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Hello Everyone,

I’m honored to be part of this baseball community and I Manage/Coach baseball for over 10 years not to include have played for over 20 years. I have two sons, Manny who’s 10 and Logan who’s 7; both love to play baseball. I enjoy teaching them the fundamentals of baseball. I look forward to learning from other posts and expertise to help me mentor our future, with the latest tips and guidance…:slight_smile:

Have a good day and see everyone in the discussions,


Stanley Cruz, Manager/Coach
Black Hills Cal Ripken - Major Minor White Sox


Welcome Stanley. How’s the season going so far for your boys? Is Manny a pitcher?




Welcome. I know you will be scouring the old posts for days–just like I did for the first few weeks I joined. Lots of great stuff and even better people. Enjoy.


Yes Steve and I’ve been following your advice on direct emails. Our regular season ended about a month ago and we finished 9-3 and with a 3rd Place in our end of season tourney. Manny pitched 16 innings, 26Ks and finished with a 2.45 era. He was selected as a 10U - American All-Star and has pitched in 2 of 4 tournaments. When he pitched they took 1st in both tourneys and now we’re headed to State next week. I’ll update with you how we perform as a Team and also how Manny pitches at the highest level of competition for his age bracket. I’ll continue sending you emails too directly as after the All-Star season ends, we will start Fall Ball then the end of season workouts with your Tuff Cuff Jr. program. I do have some questions of when to start using any weighted balls to increase velocity, if you recommend?

I’ve heard talk of a few 10U pitchers using them in our tourneys and it has increased their speed initially but they get hit too just like the rest.

In closing, what do you recommend is a good age to use such a tool to increase speed besides, long-toss, bull pens (mound and flat ground) and core, leg and shoulder exercises. Just want to continue giving the best pitcher advice to my son for his abilities too.

Thx again for everything Steve!

Stanley Cruz, Manager/Coach
Black Hills Major Minor - White Sox


Within the pages of Tuff Cuff, Steven has collected one of the finest contents on sports nutrition that’s out there. Tailor these suggestions to your sons age and likes-n-dislikes, and they’ll be light years ahead of their contemporaries. Besides being a solid place for great nutrition info, their ability to see far enough into the future and benefit from that portion of Tuff Cuff that deals with the foundation of good health, endurance, and tons of related disciplines will get them accustomed to that kind of regiment, if and when they get on the horizon of a college recruiter or scout.

Coach John Baker (retired)
Springfield, MA