Hi, all -

Pitching is fascinating and I admire the guys who do it and teach it seriously. Looking forward to learning from and sharing with you.

I caught through college, wasn’t drafted, and have been coaching and scouting part time for the Atlanta Braves for a long time since. Went down from coaching college to coach my kids through Little League. Youngest is 12 now and getting ready for the District playoffs, and I’ll be coaching.

In preparation for the Districts, I’m looking for good in-season conditioning workout for 12 yr old pitchers. Found this site and looks like it may well be a good resource.

(Specifically, I want to stress a good push off the rubber, so want to back it up w/conditioning to give the kids more respect for it.)

So, I’ll open with this question:

If one has two weeks to prepare 12 year old pitchers for Tournament play, how’s best to condition them for a strong pushoff? Does anyone have a two week, in season strength/conditioning scheme they want to share? The heart of the question is that we’re talking about 12 yr old kids.


Welcome to the forum Jim! You will find a ton of information here, and you may be able to find what you are looking for in Pitching Workouts and Nutrition Forum

Also, Steven, the owner of this website has written the most comprehensive and well put together baseball training manual, TUFFCUFF

TUFFCUFF may not necessarily be of a lot of help in just two weeks, but it is a wonderful 52 week workout and throwiing program for players of all ages. I highly recommend it.


Welcome, Jim.

I think you’ll find mixed opinions on the topic of pushing off. Is there a push? If so, at what point in the delivery?

Regardless, if you’re really talking about a conditioning issue, then there’s not a lot you’re going to be able to do in two weeks and you certainly don’t want to put your pitchers into a deficit right before playoffs. Now, if it’s really a mechanics issue in that you want your pitchers to do something that they haven’t been doing up to this point, then I would question whether you want to implement a significant change like that right before playoffs.