Hi all.

Just like to introduce myself. I’m 25, and have played the last 4 years professionally. I’ve already learned some good stuff on this forum and hopefully I can help some of you all out.

Thats awesome! I assume you went to college? Can you say where you played and where you play now?

Let’s just say I’m looking for a new team! I just got released by the organization that drafted me. I am left handed, so I think I got a shot somewhere else. We’ll see!

I did go to college, played at just a mid-level d1 school.

I wish I was a lefty… haha

If everyone was lefty then everyone would want to be righty.

Oh that’s cool. Good luck with your team search!

Hammer, nice talking to ya in the Chat Room, I’ll be PM’ing you shortly!

Thanks dude, looking forward to that info… gotta find an edge


Been working all week, haven’t had a chance to get it to you, will send it to you this weekend!