Intro from PA/NJ

Hey guys! Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the forum. I’m from PA but I’m currentlt going to a JUCO in NJ where I’m a pitcher/shortstop. Just came across the forum because I was looking for a good workout program and I came across the tuff cuff book and then started browsing on this forum. Seems like a lot of helpful information from knowledgable people. Hopefully I can learn alot from you guys and maybe offer something to others myself.

How many have used the tuff cuff program and is it as good as it looks?

Thanks Guys

Welcome aboard man!

Welcome to the Show!

Nice to have ya around, I myself haven’t used the program so I can’t answer that question, but there are quite a few people on this site who have or currently use it, so hopefully you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.