Intro from Maryland

Hey everyone - just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a 15 year-old sophomore in high school . I’m 6’0" 165 lbs. throwing 78-81 mph. I throw my standard fastball, a 2-seam sinker, at 77-78 consistently, and I can jack the fastball up to 80-81 when I want to. I’ve been pitching for about 7-8 years now, and I hope this forum can help me continue to develop my knowledge of pitching. I look forward to posting some videos of myself to have critiqued by you guys - I’ve looked through quite a few already, they seem very informative.

Anyway, just want to introduce myself and I plan to stay as active as possible.



welcome again :smiley:

Hey man!

Wyoming pwns Maryland! jk

Welcome to the forums

Wyoming pwns Maryland! jk[/quote]

Only someone from Wyoming would have the nerve :lol:

Gogo maryland.

What size is river hill for state competition? 4A, 3A?

^ we were 3A last year, but now 2A…

our sports have really picked up the last few years…4 state championships this fall, hopefully 5 with football :D. Our football team can compete with any 3A-4A school though - bring it on :P! j/k lol

where you go?

Where do you go, strikeone? I’m in Maryland also

^ to River Hill High School - its in Howard Co.

how 'bout you?

[quote=“strikeone”]^ to River Hill High School - its in Howard Co.

how 'bout you?[/quote]
Mount St. Joseph

^ nice, I think I’ve played on your fields a few times over the years.

yo, I’m from maryland too, We are near mount saint Joe!!!

^ nice, where you go?


College Park?

no, lol the private school

oh OK - I’ve driven by there before…looks nice.

Ooo a drive-by

Everybody get down!