Intetesting articles

Came across this article

thought it was interesting and guys would want to check it out, the actual site is pretty interesting as well.

How about posting a link to the article in question so we can read it?

That might help. :lol:

He did…it was in the blue

I think that is a great approach…I also like to see if I can get more outside corner or in…being obvious as to it’ being “way out of the zone” is to me giving away a pitch and I don’t like it.

Wow, still don’t see it.

Good article.

Throwing off the black can be effective as well as the breaking ball in the dirt. But I agree with JD. I don’t like wasting a pitch 2-3 inches off the plate. If you’re going to miss by that much, I say, miss high and change their eye angle then drop a two seam at the knees if the hitter doesn’t offer at the high FB.