Interview with Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year

The other day I had the chance to interview Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year Nick Struck
. Just wanted to share it because I think he offers some good lessons for young pitchers and coaches.

-you don’t have to be a high draft pick (39th rd) if u have the right mindset

-a longer stride isn’t always the answer - shortening his stride mid-season turned his season around

-the value of motion analysis - they take video of every game and review it regularly

-the right words from a good coach can make all the difference

You can listen to the audio or read the full transcript. Appreciate any feedback.][b]Why a Longer Stride Isn’t Always the Answer[/b

Thanks for sharing this.

Awesome stuff I’ve been enjoying hour site recently

Thanks Wales, really appreciate it.

And sure thing Kyle, glad you liked it.

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