Internal or external

is it better for a pitcher to be have more flexibilty in internal or external rotation of their shoulder?

A pitcher is always going to have more external rotation than the average person. It’s not that you are more flexible either way, per se, it’s that you have extra flexibility externally and generally limited flexibility internally.

So, you don’t need to worry about external rotation. I don’t even like having people mess around with that. You’ll get that naturally by pitching. You need to continually work on gaining internal rotation. Ever heard of GIRD? GIRD stands for Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit. Many pitchers are deficient internally.

I was going to explain it to you, but I found a really good article about it.

i am asking because i am going to therapy recently for a shoulder injury and they have me doing alot of internal rotation stretches. by becoming more flexible in internal rotation will i lose velocity by losing external rotation?

stretching your arm internally will not negatively affect your external rotation…it just streches a different group of muscles

I don’t think it’s the case that stretching to regain IR will automatically reduce your ER. But I’m no expert on this. These would be great questions to ask your therapist.

Nope, you want to do a lot of internal rotation exercises. You won’t lose any flexibility externally, but you will gain flexibility internally. It’s very important to have as much flexibility as possible internally. It’s a big factor in preventing injury. You won’t lose velocity, in fact, you may gain a little. Internal rotation is very important to keep and maintain. Like I said it’s a major factor in preventing injury, so keep gaining flexibility!