Interesting Way to Break in a Glove

I was reading about how people break in their baseball gloves and read that this one guy puts a ball in his glove and ties it with rubber bands and then puts it into his dryer on the no heat setting. What do you think about this method?

P.S. I know playing catch is the best way to break in a glove I’m just wondering.

I’d avoid water and oils and shaving cream – as they make the leather too heavy. Catch is best, and then store the glove with a ball in it (w/ rubber bands, of you like) when you’re not at the field.

I always liked putting a ball in it and then tying rope around it and then sleeping with it under my pillow.

Here’s an approach my dad took (always baffled me):

Oil up both sides of the new glove. Put a baseball in the pocket and another in the web. “Roll” the pinkie finger of the glove inside the thumb of the glove. Strap very tightly. Then, put in the freezer overnight.

well^^^ i agree with you that baffles me haha and i have access to a pitching machine, like one of the ones that feeds the balls in automatically and just put the balls in a bucket after you catch them. it worked great for me.