Interesting Statistics

I was reading a magazine article on Tommy John surgery and I came across some very cool statistics in there. Here is what the magazine said

Approximatly 9 MILLION boys played in organized leagues this year

There were 9,700 Division 1 baseball players on D1 teams

There were 7,500 players in the Minor Leagues

There were 829 players in the MAJOE LEAGUES (29% of whom where foreign-born)

Thats not to scare anyone but I just thought it was some very interesting statistics

But what a great game! Still the stats of making it in baseball are still better than football or basketball and aren’t nearly as much fun trying!

Jon’s dream has been, and still is, to make it to the majors or at least have a shot at a decent education. I’ll admit that for the first few years he was showing potential that it was my dream too. Looking back now on how much fun we have had and how much time I have been able to spend with him, well, I’m already living my dream.

Keep it real and keep it fun.

true, the numbers go down as the skill goes up, but you can go to the minors, which technically is professional ball, which football and basketball dont have