Interesting scoop on velocity

Thought I would share this with all of you nervous high school pitchers with college aspirations…

I heard a college pitching coach tell a group of high school pitchers the following:

…I see thousands of prospective pitchers each year at showcases that start in the fall and run through the summer. 90% of all pitchers throw between 78 and 82 mph. 5% throw below 78 mph and 5% throw above 82 mph. So, how do you seperate yourself? Well, you can do me a favor and not run to the next station or not look at me when I’m speaking to you. For those of you that do that, thank you, you just made my job a lot easier…

I LOVED that.


When asked a question, answer “yes” instead of “yeah”.
When asked for a show of hands, raise your hand all the way up - not half way.
Reply “yes sir”.

How you behave absolutely affects how people perceive you and treat you.

I once had a talk about this very topic with a travel team I was coaching. And when I explained that I treated Joe with a little more respect than the rest of the players because Joe had treated me with respect by referring to me as “sir”, you should have seen the look on the faces of the rest of the players. I don’t think they liked the idea that coach was treating one of their teammates better than them. But you could also see the light bulb go on - they got the message.

So, give yourself an advantage.

You can also give yourself another advantage by maintaining good grades in high school.

im in grade 10 averaging 774-76 mph and was worried because ive heard ALOT of stories that grade 10s are throwing 85 down in the USA, now i know im almost average though despite these stories

gettingthere, that is a great post for all the pitchers looking for more.

yup great post