Interesting Read On Trevor Bauer

Had a friend just send me a link to this article. Very interesting. Take a look:

I love when Trevor gets on scientific. But he did make some big changes to his delivery, Kyle would be the man to talk about it more in depth.

I would be very interested in what he was changing and why now?

If you remember he had a injury last year, groin I’m pretty sure. So he made the changes to keep his body healthy.

Last Year:

This year:

Here are my thoughts:

There was an interesting discussion about Bauer’s new mechanics on ■■■■■■■■■■■ back a couple of months ago. I understand what he is trying to do. I am not sure if this going to work or if he will wind up with a hybrid delivery.


Interesting articles

[quote=“SeanBaseball14”]If you remember he had a injury last year, groin I’m pretty sure. So he made the changes to keep his body healthy.

Last Year:

This year:[/quote]

I can see a noticeable change with his lower body, ie… the less exaggerated sweeping front hip pulling action, I could see how this could lessen the strain on the groin.

The arm action is less than desireable. I’m not trying to use him as a punching bag but the reason he was so successful in college wasn’t because of his delivery or overpowering stuff, his stuff is just above average on pro scale, his breaking ball maybe a bit higher.

I love Trevor’s open minded approach and his desire, not many out there like him, awesome!

However, IMO what has made him so successful other than his traits and intent to work harder than most, was pitch sequencing. That’s the reason for his success and Golden Spikes award, that’s what separated him from the rest of his draft class. It wasn’t his physical ability, again in my honest opinion.

In college it was his ability (rather skill) to mask and disguise pitches, a la Perry Husbands, but nobody talks about that. The discussions center around his warm up routine, his long toss, his mechanics.

Perry Husbands deserves some credit, he’s the big reason why Trevor has experienced success, IMO. Check out his work here great resource for pitchers if you want to study pitch sequencing.

The part about Perry Husbands is correct. At the 2011 Pitching Coaches Bootcamp, I walked into Perry Husbands and Trevor talking effective velocity during a break. I would up listening in for over an hour. Fascinating stuff.

I guess Bauer getting in trouble about shaking off the veteran catcher that got him in trouble stems from Bauer’s adherance to effective velocity. He marches to the beat of a different drummer but he realizes he is responsible for his own career. If succeeds or fails, he is going to do it his way.

Bauer sent my son an email after he was having a coach tell him that he needed to change his mechanics. In the end of the email, Bauer said
"I know it’s tough to keep doing what you know is right when people tell you it’s wrong…trust me, I’ve been fighting that battle for six plus years and I’m sure I will continue to fight it for many more. But doing what is right when it is not the easy thing to do is what courage is all about. Not everyone in this world is going to like what you do. And unfortunately in the world of baseball, the more right you are with pitching mechanics and philosophy the more people dislike what you’re doing. Backwards right? But at the end of the day, its YOUR career. If you don’t make it, if you don’t achieve ur goals, if you let your dream die, no one who told u that u were doing things wrong is going to be upset. No one will even notice. Except you. Success is never easy. But don’t give up. Keep fighting the good fight."

Interestingly the Indians might be a great fit. Wolforth says they have made several trips to the ranch to see what is going on. Also, another of the Indians AAA pitchers used to spend his summers during college at the ranch and Kazmir bought into the ranch to resurrect his career.

I spoke to him about the changes a few weeks ago. I am not sure I want to reveal what he said, but he is pretty open. Just ask him on Twitter (BauerOutage) about it.

I took some stills of the changes he is making; you can find it if you search my Tweet feed for images.

Like I told Lantz on Twitter, I don’t agree with his interpretation of changing things in-season. I think Trevor is doing this in hopes of seeing how it works against hitters. He already made the change in the off-season, but he feels like it will take more time to get it right. He thinks what he did before was something that hurt him in the past, so he doesn’t want to continue it.

EDIT: As for the Indians and their friendliness… I don’t know. You are aware that Kazmir said he is the one that changed himself, right? He didn’t give Wolforth or Fiocchi any credit in interviews. And there are pitchers in the system who have trained under college pitching coaches who buy into Wolforth’s system who have had problems with the Cleveland training staff. (No reason to out them, but one of them is a big leaguer.)

So… I don’t know. I am a big Cleveland Indians fan, but we’ll see how it goes. Trevor and I have spoken at length about the role of biomechanical analysis and high-speed footage, and Cleveland isn’t the most receptive to some of those ideas.

It’s kind of sad to see that there is such a fight against certain training methods. I have seen it throughout my life. It’s their way or it’s wrong. There’s a lot of different ways to do things in my opinion.

I don’t think there will be adequate progress in training program will be made until players are allowed to choose their own paths. I think that there are many different programs that can improve players, but traditionalist won’t allow programs to be tried because of their fear of them.

Eventually things like long toss and weighted ball training will be the norm instead of the unique. I think we will look back and laugh at how we limited guys in throwing so much when that actually can increase the likelihood for injury.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Sorry if some of it was unrelated about Bauer, but the post just got me thinking.