Interesting pictures

I know not a video, but still some things that i’m doing wrong that was pointed out. I didn’t pitch particularirly well this game, got alot behind my knee, not out ontop or over it

by the way, i know i have really skinny arms, and htat i have an albino first basemen
and on this one, my foot isn’t touching the ground

I notice some bad and some good.
I seem to really stay closed well, maybe not enough hip/shoulder sepereation. Stride length is good, but that game my stride felt akward, and i think its because i was reaching to much, not enough drive, hence me being so low and landing on my heel. THe landing on my heel is why i threw alot in the dirt that game i’m thinking. possibly why my curveball was brutal too, just not getting the timing and everything right. As i said, not the best game for me, threw pretty hard though.

it says you need a password to access the photos

oh really, doesn’t for me
the password is abfinals