Interesting HR information

Little tid bid I piced up while reading an article about tonight’s special…the Tenth Inning…

Here is a quick visual of baseball history: the number of times a player has hit 50 home runs, including those seasons of 63 or more. It is broken down by three segments: all of major league history up until The Steroid Era, the height of the Steroid Era itself, and The Testing Era:

Home Run Breakdown Seasons
50 HR 63HR
1876-1994 (119 years) 18 0
1995-2002 (8 years) 18 6
2003-2010 (8 years) 6 0

oh cool your heard about that too. its comin on at 8:00. i cant wait. i already have it set to record

Very interesting stats. Thanks for posting them. I didn’t catch the program you are talking about. Please post a summary if you have time. Thanks.

It was a very good program. Part II is on tonight, I believe. It ran from 8 - 10 p.m. and picked up from where the previous series left off (basically). There was good coverage on the strike, the steriod period, the Sosa / McGuire home run race, Barry Bonds, and Junior. Some very good information on the growing latino influence in MLB and their struggle to make it to America. There were some good interview clips (that included Petro Martinez). There was some good information about the “batter friendly” approach in the MLB lately (smaller strike zones, smaller parks, etc.). Good old clips of the Giants (with Willie Mays and Bobby Bonds). All-in-all, I thought it was excellent.

Thank you for the summary! I’ll have to watch this program in the next week or so.