Interesting Beckett Clip

Someone help me to understand what I’m seeing in the very first motion, the sideview of Beckett. It seems to me that at the top of his leg lift, he just throws his hips out while keeping his shoulders back over his back knee. It seems like the back knee just bends naturally on its own. Any input or other ideas?

Well his action is very tall and fall vs drop and drive, you can see these mechanics evident in the hersheiser drill…

I’ve grown to really detest the terms “tall and fall” and “drop and drive.” I don’t think either is a viable description of what pitchers do.

Beckett definitely looks like he’s trying to stay taller this year compared to years past. I definitely wouldn’t call it a fall to the plate though, he’s still driving from his back hip.

I think a good way of describing a good delivery is a maintaining of posture into foot strike. Keep the weight back over the back leg while you’re moving forward.