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I posted this in the general forum, and then thought there might be people who only check out the Youth Forum.

It’s an interesting read

Debate Grows Over How to Protect Young Arms

Wow, that’s a thought !!!

Hey, but why not ban all curve balls anyway:

[quote]Dr. Timothy Kremchek, an Ohio orthopedic surgeon who is the Cincinnati Reds’ physician and whose practice frequently treats youth pitchers, called Little League’s stance irresponsible.

“They have an obligation to protect these 12-year-old kids and instead, they’re saying, ‘There’s no scientific evidence curveballs cause damage, so go ahead, kids, just keep throwing them,’ ” Kremchek said. “It makes me sick to my stomach to watch the Little League World Series and see 12-year-olds throwing curve after curve. Those of us who have to treat those kids a few years later, we’re pretty sure there is a cause and effect.”[/quote]

I’m feeling like I’m getting conflicting information from our so called scientific experts in the field…anybody else confused?

Wait a minute…why don’t we just ban “pitching” altogether?

We’ll just call it irresponsible child abuse. Maybe we can enforce it as a crime and put an end to this once and for all.

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