Interested in starting a weekly workout

Hey, I was wondering if someone who knows what they are talking about (kc86 for example) could help me with getting a weekly workout situated. I have an idea of the stuff I’d like to do, but I also KNOW they are things I am missing and parts of my body that are important for pitching that would get neglected.

I am 17, 6’2", and about 180 lbs. By looking at me I look average in terms of weight and everything, but I am probably below average in terms of strength and I definitly have more fat than a typical athlete. I dont have a good “base” is a good way of putting it I guess.

I really only have access to dumbbells in terms of equipment, but I am interested in doing running, pushups, and different style crunches (weighted, oblique, etc.). I know a pitcher shouldnt be “jacked”, but still tone and strong, neither of which I currently am.

I am thinking along the lines of hammer curls, concentration curls, tricep kickbacks, reverse forearm curls, lunges, calf raises, squats, deadlifts, sprints, running full laps, and Mr. Ellis’ 5 lb. program…and whatever it is that someone smart thinks is good!

I am looking for a way to incorporate workouts into a single week that would affect my entire body. I really dont know where to begin though! Could anyone help me set a weekly schedule with the stuff I listed as well as anything you think is beneficial??

Thanks, Jay.

Well, the easiest thing to do (and the best thing for your situation, in my opinion) would be to order Never Gymless or Infinite Intensity from Ross Enamait:
Never Gymless focuses on bodyweight and resistence band exercises, showing people that you don’t need to have a bunch of equipment or a gym to get in strong and fit. The target audience of the book is athletes, so none of the exercises will make you big and bulky. Like I have mentioned before, this is the book I use for my training program. I would not recommend this book if I didnt think it was one of the best out there.

As far as the exercises you listed: hammer curls and concentration curls are more for bodybuilders than pitchers. Tri kickbacks are easily replaced by diamond pushups, which build more strength and put less stress on the shoulder. I’d add dips, pushups and pullups as well as some type of overhead press, etc.