Intense Leg Workout

Just wanted to post my leg workout which I do Monday Wednesday and Friday and see if there was anything anyone would like to add to it that they think could possibly help.

1 Mile warm up
Warm up squats (185 8 times)
Squats (weight x reps)
225 x 8 3 sets x 10 1 leg box squats
285 x 5 5 sets x 10 hamstring curls
315 x 5 5 sets x 15 calf raises
365 x 4 3 sets x 20 groin adducter
405 x 3 3 sets x 20 groin abducter
365 x 4 4 sets x 15 box jumps
315 x 5
225 x 8
135 x Burnout

and I finish up with 15-20 minutes of stairs in my college’s gym. There’s 26 steps each stair case in circular pattern with sprints across from stair case to stair case.

This is followed by thorough stretching for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Is there anything anyone can think of that I could possibly add? Any thoughts or comments will be greatly appreciated!

This didn’t post the way I planned it to so sorry if it’s confusing. The left line is the squat sets with weight which are all back to back then followed by the rest of the work out.

Actually seems like too much volume and not enough intensity (closer to 1RM efforts) for a baseball player. Particularly a pitcher, if you are one.

Agree with KyLeb about excessive volume and focusing on maximal strength - but would also suggest throwing some power training in there to help improve the rate of force development.

I’m not sure I understand the meaning behind 1RM? Also, I do extensive med ball work outs, but I didn’t include those in this workout plan. Also I do some plyometrics, but those are mostly on my upper body days to keep my legs limber. I am a pitcher, but I am currently not pitching(not in games at least) due to recovering from Tommy John surgery and I am trying to get my legs back to where they were before I was injured, which is mostly the reason behind the power lifting.

I’ll agree that I don’t understand the logic behind this leg workout. What is the goal? Just to feel sore and burnt out the next day? Why in the world would you put yourself through this 3 times per week? It’s basically just a squat burnout workout followed by some cardio. There’s no balance in this program.

Surprisingly enough, I’m really not sore afterwards. The main goal is to build up my legs to carry a spring and summer seasons work load. I am a starter by nature, but prefer to close so I need my legs to hold underneath me. When I am actually seeing game action my work outs are fairly light and are just used for maintenance purposes.

I would suggest one major lift (squat, bench, deadlift, etc.) on any lifting day followed by some supplemental type lifts targeting the same body part (lunges, RDLs, etc). Superset your lifts with stability, mobility and core work (both rotation and anti-rotation) work - focusing on ankle, hip, t-spine mobility, and shoulder stability work.

You need to read up on in-season lifting and understand the loading and volume that you need to be doing and balance that with how much playing time (mound time) you are getting. If your mound time is minimal due to injury or rehab you could probably (with medical permission) up the training volume.