Instant Backing to Pitch at

Here’s an easy way to set up a backing to pitch at for a BP target, a practice “spot” for your pitching accuracy drills, and a lot of other stuff.

  1. Take a 2X4 or similar board, about 4 to 6 feet long
  2. Drill two large holes at the end
  3. Get a length of rope that’s about two and a half times longer than the board, and thread the rope’s ends through the holes that were drilled.
  4. Drape a rug, blanket, car mats and the like over the board.
  5. Go to a fence or similar structure and hang the backing by putting the rope through the fence and tie both ends.

Just make sure your blanket or whatever your using is large enough to hit. Making the backing too small has you shagging balls. The picture below will give you some idea.

Coach B.