Instant +5 mph!

me and my dad were warming up, getting ready to throw a bullpen. We decided to warmup on my road though, due to the fact that it has a a steep slope just like a very steep mound. I started throwing in that way when your going through the motions while getting physicaly and mentally aclimated to the slope, working my way up till i was 100%

I stepped onto the moung and wow, thats by far the fastest ive ever thrown. my dad even noticed it. I could tell becuase it was to the point where after i looked up from trowing it was already hitting the mit and opposed to having to wait a half a sec or so…

i honestly went form about 78-80 to about 83-84

To be honest, I feel like that had very little to do with adding mph. I think that a lot of other things could have contributed to added mph before throwing on a steep hill. Being warmed up more than most, mechanics were slightly different, or just one of those days where your body just works and you throw harder. Just my .02

If it psychologically helps you, then keep doing it but I agree with Canada, it’s not physically doing much for you.

yes and no.

I agree, this physically did not help me any, and it only affected my mentally. But, with anything in life, you have to learn to adapt or understand something before you can be comfortable and being most efficient with it. I believe that this enlongated session of throwing on a hill much like a mound (15-20 min) as opposed to what i regularally do (10-15 throws) helped me throw harder. You cant do something once or twice and automactically be ajusted or adapted to it, it takes time. I spent a much more considerable time throwing of the slope, I got use to it.

This can be related to what alot of people have trouble with, which is they can throw 2-4 mph harder on flat ground than on the mound, when it should be the other way around. This is becuase they are simply just adjusted to the mound. Even when pitchers have been pitching for 4-5 years now, some of them still need to adjust. You cant throw 90% of the time on the sideline and game (flatground) and step on a mound and be well adjusted.

Have you tried this again since the post?

i have only once. ive taken some time off to rest my arm and get my mind off of baseball. (too much of anything is bad for someone). i did it in a practice game, i didnt do it near as much as i didnt but i did do it for about 5 min getting getting the feel of the slope before actually trying to just throw. i still notice a 2-3 mph increase in velocity though.

BTW I just want to say something… When you are pitching down a hill you are NOT throwing at the same angle that you are throwing a baseball… You should be throwing up the hill… Remember that the pitching mound is sloped but not the field, that means when you step down the mound you are actually at an angle with the catcher that is up as apposed to down…

I don’t know the physics of a sloped road vs. a sloped mound, but I used to throw in a street growing up because our backyard was too small. Despite a few (a lot, actualy) scuffed balls) I think it’s generally a good thing! Dude, if it works, right! Keep up the good work.