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Ok, i am currently a sophomore in high school who is 5’7 and 179lbs. The reason i am seeking advice is because it has been 3 weeks into the season, and i have only had one appearance in 7 games. But let me get deeper into this situation. I have always been looked over my whole life playing baseball. Overweight and slow was basically the title you could have put on my forehead. I was 220 lbs last year. I worked my butt off ever since last summer losing weight and getting into tip top condition. Last year i could not throw strikes for my life and i worked on proper mechanics the whole offseason. First day of practice, i was perfectly conditioned and ready to start a new season. My first preseason appearance was on varsity and i pitched 2 shutout innings against the state champs. I was very surprised and it took me awhile to soak things in. However, i was not put on varsity because my fastball could only reach about 68mph tops. I shook it off thinking i would be a starter on jv, but instead im a bench player/reliever. When i was put into a game, i pitched 2 1/3 innings of no earned runs against a team who is considered to be one of the tops in the state. Again i was very proud, but it has been 3 weeks and i have not gotten to call to the bump. This bothers me because i worked so hard to be where i am at right now losing weight and being conditioned and all that hard work has not put me into more than 1 game. I work so hard everyday at practice trying to learn to be better and stay when everyone leaves to condition myself and keep myself in shape. it just ruins my whole mental aspect and i feel as if i am sinking back into the player i was before, the one who would be tossed aside because hes too short and overweight. My dream is to play in college and maybe beyond, and i know it takes hard work and i am willing to lay it all down on the line for that dream to come true. Can anyone relate?

You want Inspiration? YOU HAVE TO FIND IT IN YOU! All the information is out there to find on anything that can help you for the most part. If you really want answers, list some questions you have?


Satchel Paige once said this, and I don’t know of anyone who put it more succinctly: 8) “You have to believe in yourself. When you believe, you do.”

if you want to talk overlooked…I went from a slow kid who topped at 59- yes fifty freaking nine- at FIFTEEN, a small kid who had barely started puberty, to currently a 6 foot 188 pound 11% bodyfat, with a 4.7 40 yard dash, 6.9-7.0 60 yard dash, good strong body, and velocity in the low to mid 80s. I’m coming off injury after injury, but DONT LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE DETER YOU FROM WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE! I can’t stress that enough. I’ve been told by people, point blank, that I’d never make it, ridiculed, etc, and I’m still here standing while they’re not, still hustling, still working, and starting to get results. Never give up and keep working at it dude!