Insideout swing

today my coach told me a hav an inside out swing. How can i fix this?

Explain better, I don’t get what you mean by that.

It means he takes just about everything to the opposite field no matter were the ball is pitched. Try not to lead the bat with your hands so much, your hands and hips should go at the same time. If that doesn’t work try a little smaller bat.

Fix it?

If you truly have an inside-out swing, you are in the money already. Many minor league hitting instructors earn their pay by teaching ballplayers, who are getting huge signing bonuses, how to swing inside-out.

You’re already there. The inside-out swing helps you to hit behind the runner (if right handed), allows you to wait longer on that inside pitch, and develop power to the opposite field. This is a good thing.

If you’re having problems hitting, go see a pro who can teach you how to put that solid gold swing to the proper use. He can teach you how to turn on an inside pitch to pull it while still keeping that oppo swing intact.

Edgar Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Alex Rios all have inside-outters (Rodriguez is now more of a pull-hitter since he decided to emphasize his power).

All in all, its a good place to start.

Good luck!

Now that I know what you mean by it, that’s a good thing, don’t fix it!

Be very happy you inside out everything, I tend to pull everything, in fact, I don’t recall an instance when I actually hit a ball into right field.

If you want to start pulling the ball, you can try stepping out more when you swing, cocking the bat out earlier (wouldn’t recommend it, lowers bat speed) or more in your swing, or using a smaller bat, but MAKE SURE you make small adjustments so you don’t ruin your inside out swing.

Inside-outting everything is good, but being able to hit both ways on command is better.

Amen, I’m no good at directional hitting, always hitting to center or close to it so I don’t pull or go the opposite way.

Derek jeter is a perfect example of inside out swing i for one thing cant do it just really cant :shock:

I used to pull most everything and just this summer I really learned how to take an outside pitch to right field.

yeah thats good… u jus have 2 wait for it 2 come further in the zone and u jus sit on it then u swing… way easier than pullin a pitch… and inside swings are cyash

Yea it came very natural just took a lot of mental patience. I took a nice pitch on the outside corner down the right field line for a triple the other day.