Last time I was on the mound I had a horrible experience, everything I threw was inside. Not only was I tossing balls all day but the batters were dodging and weaving!

I’ve never had a problem like it before I mean in the past I’ve put two or three balls in the dirt in a row but I’ve always bounced back into the slot and thrown strikes.

So now I’m a little shook and I really need someone to tell me why my throws were all off target. Sure I could try to forget it and just focus on finding the slot again but I really want to know just what the heck happened.

Batters dodging and weaving…congratulations, you get an A+ !

Of course, if you’re putting guys on base that defeats the purpose. Without getting technical, let’s keep it real simple to start…

Adjust your target.

Instead of aiming for the glove, you might try to aim for the catchers outside shoulder. Aim for the duggout if you have to, but don’t continue to make the same mistakes … learn from your prior pitch and adjust !

Never apologize for hitting a batter (accidentally) and don’t be afraid to pitch inside. Throwing inside ? Bring it hard and bring it often !!