Inside pitch

i have trouble hitting the inside pitch… specifically high and inside

outside pitches i LOVE to hit the opposite way and middle pitches i shoot back up the middle but inside is always where they get the strike

how do u hit the inside pitch?

Just concentrate on hitting the ball out front instead of waiting till it gets to the plate :smiley:

Open up your stance a little. thatll move your hands to the inside of the plate with a normal swing. I used to have that trouble too, i was known as being a push hitter. My coach told me to open up my stance and drop my hands and hey preso ive got an inside swing and pitchers dont throw my them inside.

Well, being a left handed hitter (formerly switch) I am used to inside pitches because the ball naturally ocmes in, I just focus on making contact and I really don’t have a secret, just natural. I hate the outside stuff, ack 2 seamers kill.

when they pitch you inside, pull your hands in and whip your wrists around, then follow through to generate power for a hit. It’s tough though to get tons of power like this or to pull the ball, if u make contact like this it will most likely be a line drive right in front of the center fielder.

Your best advice is to hit it out in front inside waiting for it on outside pitchers. Some players use a longer bat and choke up so theres more meat if on the bat if they’re having troubles with the inside pitch. You really have to work on keeping those hands inside tight to yourself and using your wrists a lot.