Insane speed increase needed for next season

My coaches want me to go from throwing in the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s and touching 80. I have a very strong lower body but not much upper body strength. Im thinking of buyiong resistance bands, is there anything else I could do to gain the 10-15 mph by next season?

post a video of your mechanics…get some advice from the people on this site.

Gaining 10 MPH in a year is realative. Over the past 12 months, my son went from 69 MPH to 84 MPH. He is aiming for 92 MPH by March 2012. It is going to be a lot harder gaining the next 8 MPH than it was the last 15 MPH. As you approach your ceiling, it becomes harder and harder to make gains.

Like I said before, you are 140 lbs, gain 20lbs of muscle this offseason and that alone should get you to the mid-upper 70s even if you have horrendous mechanics. Add in a bunch of mechanical work learning how to create hip/shoulder separation, lead with your elbow and throw with intent. Its perfectly reasonable for you to be touching 80 mph next year if you start reading and studying and training over the next 6 months like there’s no tomorrow.

let me know if you need help where to start.

Some keys to faster pitching velocity:
Move down the mound fast (if you move slow, you will pitch slow- move fast, pitch faster).
Use your back leg to produce momentum toward the plate
(look up Aroldis Chapman- watch how low he gets to the ground compared with other pitchers).
Work on your core strength and flexibility.