Input on flat ground mechanics, new/old mechanics


Latest mechanics on the left, mechanics after a few days of pitching for the first time this year on the right.

First few seconds is real time, afterwards is slow-mo

I wasn’t throwing my hardest in the video on the right but I’ve been focusing on intent lately. Personally, I like my old mechanics more because they seem more smooth despite being slower to the plate but I don’t know anything so any feedback is welcome, good or bad.

I plan on moving onto a mound soon and I wanted to patch things up before I do so.


Both deliveries start at about the same time and the ball is released at about the same time. However, in the delivery on the right, you rotate your shoulders much later than in the delivery on the left (probably due to maintaining an equal & opposite position longer). So I have to believe you threw the ball faster in the delivery on the right. I prefer the delivery on the right.


They both look pretty good, IMO the video on the left the timing seems a little better, if you stop the video at 10 seconds it looks as though your right leg has made contact with the ground, chest is out front, back foot has rotated, and the left pitching arm is already loaded and ready to go, on the right at that same point it seems your a little late or behind, your body is on its way forward but the right foot has yet to completely hit the ground, left foot has yet to rotate, chest has begun rotation to the plate but not all the way, kinda still looking at first base, and arm is still somewhat trying to catch up with the rest of you. Its seems to me like you had more velocity in the left video. But again the delivery seems pretty smooth, not to many faults from what i can see, but IMO I like the left video a little better. BTW out of curiosity what did you use to get the two videos side by side like that and add the slo mo?


I used Sony Vegas Pro but it’s not free.

And in response to Roger, what can I do to improve my mechanics if I were to go back to my previous mechanics when I wasn’t trying to throw as hard?


By delaying shoulder rotation longer as in the video on the right, the pitcher creates more time for the hips to fully rotate thereby maximizing hip and shoulder separation. It also probably resulted in a longer stride allowing the release point to happen closer to home plate.


You could possibly get your center of mass moving forward faster. Have someone time you with a stopwatch from first movement (in the stretch) to front foot contact… Shoot for .9 - .95 seconds.

Also, after you get to your equal & opposite position, make sure you swivel & stabilize your glove somewhere in front of your torso. In the video, it looks like your letting it get outside your body to the glove side which can pull the front shoulder open early.