Innings and What I should Do


16 years old, im playing on 2 different teams this summer and for either team I probably wont see an inning on the mound all summer. I love pitching and its what I want to do later on or in college but i probably wont see any innings. Its not that im bad i just never am given a chance. What should I do


If your coaches run bullpens at team practices, ask if you can also throw pens from time to time. Your coaches may be more willing to give you some innings in a pen and it will let you show them what you can do in a setting where not much else is on the line. But you better be able to show them something good or you may just convince them they were right not to give you some innings.

Of course, this assumes there isn’t something else (politics?) going on.


Is there some prior experience these coaches have had with you that may lead them to the conclusion that you are not a pitcher?

I support @Roger 's idea about requesting bullpen time from the coach. Before you do that, be sure that you have prepared yourself for the ‘tryout’—which essentially it will be.

If you have not been throwing on your own for some time now, then you may want to hold off on your request until such a time when you will be at your best. Only you know what you have been doing on the side to prepare for your opportunity.

Make the most of it by preparing yourself for it.