Inner elbow, upper forearm soreness

OK so here it is, after pitching my arm is sore like anybody else’s arm. The only thing i have a problem with is it being sore in my inner elbow and upper forearm area on my right arm. It doesnt “hurt” its only ucomfortable when i hold my arm/palm face up towards the sky and straighten it out. it isnt tendonitis i was told its my arm angle and how i threw i just need to know if i should try and come more over the top or if this kind of soreness is usual.

Is it a sort of stiffness? My arm becomes stiff sometimes if I throw a lot and don’t do some sort of running after

[quote=“huskyfan101”]it isnt tendonitis[/quote]How do you know this? Have you seen a doctor? See a doctor!

I think tendonitis is TOO MUCH inflammation but general stiffness is to be expected… or maybe stiffness starts happening before you develop tendonitis.