Inner elbow pain

Every time I pitch or make a long throw my inner elbow starts to hurt like crazy any idea what this might be?

There are a number of things it could be but it is definitely an indicator you need to see your doctor. :wink:

Most likely medial epicondylitis or depending on your age, little league elbow or it could be a UCL problem. In any case, rest it until you can get in to see a doctor.

Odds are you probably fill like your arm has been shoot and if you raise your arm and try to touch your back your elbow feels tight

i underwent this same problem

you have a bump on your inner elbow

you fell tightness in your elbow

odds are you either tore or strained a collateral ligament or (throwers elbow).
its a ligament that connects the elbow to the wrist (runs through the forearm).

You should ask your doctor to reefer you to a orthopedic doctor

i have also went through this same pain so if you have theses conditions let me know and ill tell you what i went through

I have extremly scrony arm so that might have something to do eith it. Its kind of weird, it hurt for a few minutes and then gradualy goes away. Sometimes (right after) I’ll lift my arm to about shoulder height it will just start shakeing too.

In all the people I’ve known that had tommy john surgery, their hands shook before they had the ‘pop’ that indicated it was time to go to the doctor…

I would suggest you see a doctor.