Inner elbow pain.

I am 18 and this has just started happening this year. About a week ago I was just playing some long toss and I noticed that my elbow was hurting. I didn’t think too much about it so just kept throwing. It eventually loosed up and I threw a pen without much pain at all. But, the next day when I went to play catch again it hurt quite a bit. There is some very minimal swelling and hurts to touch but so does all other sore spots. Out pitching coach told me that elbow pain is symptomatic of bad mechanics but i thought I would get someone else’s opinion. Is this something that I just need to stretch out or something worse. Thanks.

Don’t stretch out your elbow or shoulder before throwing. Warm them up gradually through band work, jumping jacks, arm circles, etc. Then begin to throw and gradually increase velocity until you are fully prepared. You don’t want joints, and ligaments stretched before your performances. Stretching increases the likelihood of injury and reduces velocity.

As far as the arm pain goes, see your doctor if it persists and, if you haven’t been videoed lately, make a recording and have your PC take a look.

You should stretch afterwards though.

Dynamic before, static afterwards.

I’ve found that stretching afterward helps me recover faster–especially the following day because I’m not nearly as stiff or sore.