Inner elbow pain. Will I need TJ?


I have been having inner elbow pain for the past few months. I was on two teams in the fall, with practice going almost every day, and that’s when the pain started. I have been going to a doctor, and they think it is just golfers elbow, but in Hong Kong, nobody really knows about baseball. I am worried that it might be a tear in the UCL. I took about a month off baseball, and when I started again, it was fine until I started swinging a bat. The pain is sharp, and consists when I bend my elbow, or squeeze my hand. I am 13 years old, and really hope I can avoid TJ at all costs.


Sounds like medial epicondylitis, or some sort of flexor issue. Your UCL is meant to handle valgus stress, not the stress of activities like squeezing your hand. Ice the area, and train the supporting muscles.


I know a 13 year old who had Tommy John. So you’re not too young. I would stop all throwing and see an orthopedist trained in sports medicine, Also, when you resume throwing, follow MLB’s new Pitch Smart guidelines for youth pitchers:


I had a similar injury, doesn’t require TJ, but it does require a similar surgery with a much quicker recovery time (surgery is next month). I didn’t fully tear the ligament but its damaged from an avulsion fracture. I recommend resting for a while, compressing, and icing. When you start to throw again, if there’s still pain, I think you should go about the surgery route.


this type of injury shouldn’t require TJ unless the pain in the elbow hurts/unbearable whenever you throw the ball at the usual angle and there is unbearable pain then it is likely that you will want to have a doctor take a look at it but if that is the case then it is likely that you would have TJ surgery


Don’t assume surgery is required, it is never fully guaranteed either. Rest and cold therapy. Have you done any other treatment in the case it is golfers elbow? Stimulating blood flow through the area whether it is acupuncture, light massage or hot cold and give some relief. There is different PT exercises that focus on active recovery, causing little strain to injured area but keeping it strong.


Iv’e been doing some dry puncure and a lot of rehab- my arm seems a lot better now with no pain at all.


My chiropractor treats pitchers for the golfers elbow. He gets the bones in their elbows all lined back up.