Injury Rehab Finshed...Change up help

Hey everyone. About in Aug. i asked a question about elbow pain and mostly everyone said to go to the doctor and to P.T and i did. I deffently wouldnt have if you didnt say. So i thank everyone because i am fully healthy and pitching agian and i feel i have gained some velocity. During my rehab and last year i wanted to develop a circle change for this year and i deffently worked at it: playing catch and just holding the grip. Well after a couple of weeks i kept pitching it and it would go high very high and i no thats the complete opposite what you want to do with a change up. So i was looking for some more help on keeping my circle change down if theres any tips or drills. Thanks agian everyone for help on my elbow.

The circle change can be difficult to throw if you have no pressure on the outside half of the ball. Try using your pinky finger to put pressure on the outer half. This can help the ball from coming out of your hand too early and give you more control. You probably also need to hold onto the ball a bit longer to get the right release point. Try to get the feel that you are throwing it well out in front of you and turn your wriist inward and down (pronate) as you release. This will help keep the ball down and provide down and away movement to lefties ( down and in to righties).

Takes a lot of practice. Stay with it.

It’s very important to make sure you use the same arm speed as your fastball. If you don’t, your arm will drag and your release point will rise.

roger probably touched the problem right there. make sure you get REALLY comfortable with your grip to a point where you forget it and a trick that helped a lot of kids to get a good arm action was to pitch like they are throwing their unhittable fastball. they throw it with the same arm speed and the results are amazing. you could try something like that. you have to think fastball at least for a couple of months because thinking change-up makes you think batter out in front and that slows down your arm and cause control problems and ERA problems too.